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BSC - Accion Contra el Hambre

  • Partner : Accion contra el Hambre (ACH)
  • Date : 2010-2011
  • Status : Completed
  • Category : Baseline survey, Research, Study, Rural Household

Sisian Rural Self-reliance Development Program

Within the Sisian Rural Self-reliance Development Program implemented by Accion Contra el Hambre (ACF-E), BSC performed a baseline survey and research over a three-year period for the implementation of the project aiming at poverty reduction in rural households in Sisian.

  • Goal
  • Solution
  • Result

The overarching goal of this project was to contribute to the community development in target communities and to solve economic problems.

Moreover, the project aimed at contributing to the improvement of social conditions in poor households, the reduction of poverty rate in the region and an increase in income and living standards of community households.


BSC performed a baseline survey, which served as a basis for the implementation of the project aiming at poverty reduction in rural households in Sisian. The survey area included 20 target communities distributed in four villages around Sisian, as well as three non-target communities.

The survey focused on obtaining quantitative and qualitative information per household, regarding their structure, incomes, expenses, dairy and agro production and sales volumes, assets and usage rate of the sub-sector’s services. The three non-target communities were studied to properly assess the selected 20 target communities, so that the selection of the communities was as justified as possible.

The research was carried out over three years and which provided an opportunity to effectively assess development tendencies of households and to make comparative analysis.


The baseline survey recorded current demographic, economic and social aspects of 23 rural communities regarding poverty reduction, socio-economic security for poor households, dairy sector linkages development in Sisian, natural resources management, such as irrigation water, land (communal and private pastures) and fodder.

The study assessed the economic state of rural households based on local criteria for economic security and sustainable livelihood, and reviewed job creation opportunities in dairy and agro production sub-sectors.

Through this study, BSC managed to objectively assess the economic state of households and which served as a basis for the development of a new strategy and operations plan for Accion Contra el Hambre, aiming at developing links between households and dairy producers and improving dairy production in the region.