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Drive success through continuous learning and acquiring of professional knowledge, skills and multiple intelligences. FIND MORE
Develop ecosystems and communities and achieve a positive impact through our effective implementation of development projects. FIND MORE
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Data is useful, but insight drawn from data is powerful. We enable you to assess programs, extract actionable insight and maximize your impact! FIND MORE
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We collaborate with clients from industries that play an important role in diversifying the Armenian economy and making it more competitive in international markets. FIND MORE

Shaping the Future of Your Business, Building Dynamic Enterprises, Unlocking Opportunities for Growth

We stand by your business to help you expand your limits!
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Smart Customization

We focus on the development stage of your company and customize solutions to your business needs.

Value-adding Collaboration

We become two teams driven by one common goal – the unlimited potential of your growth.

Result-Oriented Mindset

We are result-oriented and driven by success for our clients and partners.

Maximum Efficiency

We work smart to transform resources and produce maximum results in all we do.

At BSC, we don’t do the average – we do the awesome!

We work smart and deliver high levels of expertise and quality of services.

We are ready to take your business to unstoppable growth! Are you ready?

We would love to see how we can turn your business into a successfully growing enterprise.


Upscale Your Business

Imagine there’s no boundaries for advancing your business...
How great it would be not to care about hindrances, transform your business, successfully drive innovation and pursue excellence!
We can help you discover your hidden potential and take a growth path that is as unique as your business!

Imagine there’s no constraints for even a bigger growth...

Another thing about us is that we like to go the extra mile to exceed your expectations and bring unforeseen value to your organization.
We would love to see how we can turn your business into a successfully growing enterprise.

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Onex Service Academy

Onex Service Academy

ONEX.AM-ը BSC ընկերության հետ համատեղ սկսում է նոր նախաձեռնություն` ՕՆԷՔՍ ՍԵՐՎԻՍ ԱԿԱԴԵՄԻԱ. Եթե ցանկանում եք գործնական հմտություններ ձեռք բերել սպասարկման…

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We are Hiring

We are Hiring

BSC Business Support Center is currently seeking a talented individual to join our team as a Mid Business Consultant. Responsibilities…

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“Shaping the Digital Economy Agenda in Armenia” Panel Discussion

“Shaping the Digital Economy Agenda in Armenia” Panel Discussion

On December 22, BSC Business Support Center conducted a panel discussion titled “Shaping the Digital Economy Agenda in Armenia,” fostering…

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