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BSC - Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia

  • Партнер : Ministry of HTI of Armenia
  • Дата : 2019-2020
  • Статус : Завершенный
  • Категория : Идея для бизнеса, Гранты

“Idea to business” grant competition

BSC was selected to organize all cycles of “Idea to Business” grant competition funded by The Ministry of High-Tech Industry of the Republic of Armenia. The project had three key units, which were innovative, prospective and crucial components.

- The innovative component aimed at supporting ideas in the high-tech industry.

- The prospective component aimed at promoting the products that were already in the development stage of a product prototype, and their entry into the market.

- The crucial component was to support projects that already had a certain market share and plan to expand their target markets.

  • Цель
  • Решение
  • Результат

The goal of the “Idea to Business” grant competition was promotion of youth entrepreneurship by giving grants to the authors of innovative and creative projects.


BSC organized all the stages of the “Idea to Business” grant competition. The main activities implemented within the project were development of application procedures materials, promotion of the competition, marketing, public relations, collection of applications, coordination of the work of selecting and evaluating committee, organization of final ceremony, etc.


Within the framework of the “Idea to Business” project, the promotion of the event and the competition was so high that more than 240 applications were received (the amount is five times more than was during last year’s competition).

As a result, seven grantees were chosen to establish their start-up tech businesses. BSC has been also monitoring ongoing activities of the businesses for two years. The project had a high level of success.