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  • Партнер : GIZ
  • Дата : 2020-2021
  • Статус : Завершенный
  • Категория : Базовый анализ, Логистика

Sector Scan and Baseline Analysis of Logistics Value Chain of Armenia

The GIZ PSD TVET Program contracted BSC to conduct a sector scan of the Logistics Industry and Market in Armenia.

For a detailed study, BSC conducted both secondary and primary research methodologies as well as its profound experience was leveraged within the 3 main phases of the assignment: Fact-finding, Data validation, In-depth analysis and action prioritization and reporting.

  • Цель
  • Решение
  • Результат

The goal of the project was to improve the knowledgebase of the logistics industry and market in Armenia and its development needs for the Ministry of Economy, the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport and the Ministry of Territorial Administration and Infrastructure.


On the purpose of successful implementation of the project, BSC conducted the following activities:

- Provision of an overall insight into the global logistics market value chain;
- Provision of a detailed baseline overview and analysis of the Armenian Logistics Market Value Chain;
- Identification of regulations and policies which are constraining private sector investment in the logistics industry;
- Evaluation of the impact of Covid-19 outbreak on the logistics market;
- Analysis on the competitive landscape of the market;
- Development of the occupational map and the list of skills in shortage;
- Provision of the dialogue between different parties and decisions on priorities for capacity strengthening and skills development.


In the framework of the baseline analysis BSC carried out the following activities:

- Individual interviews with logistics industry role players to analyze key challenges that these companies face, assess labor force effectiveness and find out main gaps;
- Stakeholder workshops aimed at presenting and discussing key findings and recommendations of the inception report;
- Focus group discussions, conducted with stakeholders;
- Expert interviews with key experts of the field, as well as representatives of sector related associations and unions.

Desk study, analysis of secondary data: legal, institutional documents, available surveys and studies, reports on international experience, previous researches and reports.