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Marianna Avetisyan

Marianna Avetisyan

Partner, Head of Business Development

Marianna is a top-performing senior executive with over 6 years of experience in managing business processes with an established track record of successfully generated business projects and initiatives both for the growth of BSC and our clients and partners’ businesses both within the private and public development sectors. She is experienced in designing and implementing the type of support services that transform our clients’ businesses.

A graduate with MBA from the Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia and a prior BA in Actuarial Science and Financial Math from the Yerevan State University, Marianna joined BSC first as a Management Consultant and rapidly made her way to leading the business development efforts of our company. In 2020, she was appointed as a BSC Partner.

In her everyday work, Marianna values creating constructive and beneficial relationships with clients and partners.