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Journey to Unstoppable Growth

Uncovering potential, flourishing entrepreneurship and paving path to success and growth – these phrases were only part of the BSC dream when we first started our operations back in 1994 in a country that had just gained its independence and where professional, fair and responsible business processes were yet to be discovered.

Yet, over the past 28 years, we have been instigating business growth and development all over the country, helping many large and prominent companies in Armenia, as well as international development agencies find their niche, grow profitable businesses, and implement projects that fulfill their mission.

We have had the privilege to work with over 750 successful businesses and help them build and implement strategies, create a bigger value and achieve sustainable growth.

It is thanks to our own operations being rooted in our values – partnership, excellence, perseverance, and transparency – that we are capable of adding business value to the activities and initiatives of our clients and partners.

The rest is an ongoing story of supporting your entrepreneurship spirit and business initiatives – all rooted in our values and our passion of empowering you to attain unstoppable growth.


May, 1994. As the first-ever Armenian business consulting and services company, BSC was founded with the support of GTZ (currently GIZ) and EU TACIS (Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth Independent States).

BSC signed its first contract with a private company, Shant TV. Since then, we have worked with and driven growth for over 1500 Armenian business companies.

BSC implemented its first economic development project in the regions of Armenia: a research for the flour mill market in Sisian, Syunik region. To this day, our experts have been in over 860 communities in Armenia.

BSC organized its first-ever training on the topic of tax legislation. Thus far, we have organized training sessions covering over 100 topics for over 20000 participants.

BSC took part in the training “Management Consultancy for SMEDA Consultants” organized by FACET BV in Netherlands. Since then, BSC team members have completed numerous training courses and have received professional certifications, such as the Advanced Business Skills Trainer Certification by MAS International and Academy for Educational Development, “Employment Policy Course” by the International Training Center of the ILO, to mention a few.

We signed our first contract with the Netherland-based organizations ICCO and FACET BV to support the implementation of the project Promoting CSR Concepts and Principles in the Armenian Business Environment. Since 2002, BSC has implemented over 20 projects contributing to the promotion of CSR in Armenia.

BSC was awarded USAID certificate of excellence for providing consultancy services to SMEs. This was the first of over 50 awards and certifications we have received over the years from several international development agencies.

We published out first book titled “Marketing in Armenia”. As of 2021, we have published 15 professional development and motivational books, including “How to Start Your Own Business in Armenia”, “Corporate Social Responsibility: Guidebook for Armenian Companies”, to mention some.

We launched our large-scale collaboration with EBRD BAS (currently EBRD ASB), providing support in developing private sector companies through business consultation services.

We celebrated our first jubilee of BSC’s 10th anniversary and hosted guests from 10 countries.

We started implementing our first international project in Kazakhstan. Since then, we have been working on projects in over 10 countries, including Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan, India, to mention some.

BSC joined the UN Global Compact initiative to further enhance its commitment in promoting CSR and corporate sustainability.

BSC Founder and Managing Partner Samvel Gevorgyan became a founding member of Institute of Management Consultants in Armenia (IMC Armenia). Today, BSC is an active member of 11 professional and business unions. In the same year, BSC welcomed its 10,000th participants to its trainings. In the same year, BSC team members were awarded the Certificate in Management Consulting Essentials by the Institute of Consulting, UK.

BSC celebrates its 20th anniversary. We celebrated through BSC restructuring and enriching our service range with new services that reflected our new strategy. Moreover, BSC went through a rebranding that included updating its corporate brand identity, logo, and other elements of its brand.

BSC signed a large-scale collaboration with Abt Associates as a lead consultant in partnership with UNAG organization in Georgia to implement the project Health Finance and Governance funded by USAID. The project aimed at providing direct technical assistance to enhance the sustained managerial and financial operations of local NGOs that provided HIV and AIDS care and treatment and serve the at-risk IDU and MSM populations in the countries of South Caucasus.

With the support of the British Embassy in Armenia, BSC organized a B2B event for Armenian and British businesses in London. During the event, 17 Armenian tech companies presented their technical capabilities and innovative solutions to the business and tech communities in the Great Britain.

Within the project EU4Youth: Employability and Stability in Armenia, Belarus and Ukraine, and in partnership with SOS Armenia, BSC provided business consultancy services and capacity building sessions to help project participants develop their business plans and receive funding.

BSC’s 25th anniversary turned out into a nation-wide celebration through several events organized both in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia with thousands of participants from the public sector, international NGOs and development agencies, companies and industry representatives, as well as BSC clients and partners.

BSC updated its strategic approach to include new growth directions. New collaboration were formed with international companies in providing consultancy services.