BSC Implements a Development project in Dilijan

BSC Business Support Center implements a development project funded by EU together with IDeA Foundation aiming on promoting tourism industry in Dilijan and Adjacent communities.  


The overall objective of the project implemented by BSC is not only to develop the tourism and hospitality sector in the target area, but also to support the unemployment reduction in Tavush region by assisting job seekers and unemployed people.


The purpose of the assignment is to design and organize Capacity Building activities with series of skills development trainings as well as business consulting for the fields such as tourism and hospitality, arts and craft for the SME’s and individuals located in Dilijan and Hovq, Haghartsin, Gosh, Khachardzan, Aghavnavanq, Teghut communities (to participant fill in the online application form).


As a destination, Dilijan has key natural, cultural and historical attributes that can attract tourists with the most different preferences. Given its location inside Dilijan National Park and its historic identity as a natural and “wellness” destination, Dilijan is in a position to also attract the adventure travelers and Eco tourists – each of these sectors representing an important tourism market and investment opportunity for Armenia. 


The country is expanding its tourism growth into new travel demographics to reach local communities, while also safeguarding cultural and natural heritage.  Arts and crafts are an important niche of the overall tourism product.  Armenia is known for its rich crafts traditions of several thousand years. The crafts such as pottery, stone carving, wood carving, jewelry making, embroidery, carpet weaving are the basic forms of household occupations. Throughout years these national crafts turned into national arts and crafts and are still mostly concentrated in Yerevan.  The art and craft sector is a crucial sub-sector with the potential to make a significant contribution to employment creation, both in the towns as well as in the rural areas.     

In the framework of the project, more than 300 persons will participate in 13 types of trainings. Another 50 persons will participate in trainings/business consultancy related to business planning and management. Over 30 participants will get grants to start their own business in the targeted area.


Moreover, within the frames of the project 3 different handbooks will be developed and published by BSC on the following topics which will be distributed among the participants:

1. “How to establish a B&B business”

2. "Customer Service in the Hospitality Sector"

3. Guideline/ checklist for improving B&B services


So far 7 training courses have already been conducted with over 100 participants who became the beneficiaries of the project. The project will still be on till the end of 2018 involving more participants in the great development initiative.