What we believe in
Strategy that we are driven by

One question often asked by clients and partners is, "Is it possible to achieve success without strategy." Let's answer this question taking BSC as an example. Mission, vision and values are an integral part of any company's strategy, and it is vital to develop and follow them in the course of all business processes.

Experience has proven that the best reflection of mission, vision and values is derived from joint teamwork and discussions with company employees. We at BSC are confident that a company's vision can become reality only when company employees believe in it and strive to work together to achieve common, shared goals and results.

Vision we believe in

BSC’s previous strategy, “BSC-20” (in honor of the company's 20th anniversary), was designed for the years 2010-2014. The core of this strategy was running competitive, socially responsible, fair and sustainable business activities in the public, private and social sectors. Throughout 25 years in operation, the company has overcome many obstacles, but has ensured continuous development both in its activities and in supporting clients and partners.

Currently both Armenian and international economies are undergoing dynamic changes. As a result of the great flow of information, market entry of new competitors and rapid economic changes, companies need to have a clear strategy to ensure competitiveness in international and local markets. That is why, while developing its new strategy, BSC has attached great importance to innovative ideas, client needs, market trends and international experience.


Development of the new strategy BSC-2020 (for the years 2015-2020) involved the whole company staff, in an effort to apply collective experience and knowledge, and welcomed a creative spirit for developing a vision to lead the company forward. The strategy will become a guide, both for clients and employees, reflecting market requirements and perceptions.


As a result of meetings, discussions and seminars BSC’s new vision is as follows:


We envision a dynamic business environment, beyond stereotypes, driven by innovation and an unlimited entrepreneurial spirit.

Mission we follow

Each company needs to clearly understand its role and mission. As the first consulting firm in Armenia, BSC is one of the founders of the management consulting sector and a company that ensures continuous development of this sector.

BSC has always stood beside its clients as partner, consultant and supporter. During the years of its operation the company has concluded that experience, knowledge and a sustainable position in the market allow it to expand activities and cross boundaries that once seemed unachievable. As a result of continuous efforts, BSC has managed to ensure growth, which allowed to us to exceed previously set goals and benchmarks. Our commitment, lack of fear of challenges and our ambition to move forward are reflected in BSC’s new mission statement:


To think beyond the limits, to face the obstacles and believe in opportunities, to discover the hidden potential and pursue excellence.


This statement fully reflects the feelings of the BSC staff, our attitudes and our potential, which lead us to achieve our goals.

Values we share

Healthy business activity is possible when all employees of the company share a common organizational culture and values. Just like each person has his/her life values and principles, BSC has its market values, which the company shares with clients and partners. The company believes that providing quality service and satisfying client expectations is not enough: expectations should be exceeded. Management consultants should be able to surprise the client, continuously engage it in self-education and find innovative solutions for the company.

BSC attaches great importance to its employees' contribution in the company's development, and considers that BSC's indicators of success are its own previous and current employees. That is why one of BSC's most important values is promoting teamwork, which results in the most creative ideas. Management consultants should "walk" in accordance with market trends, be one step ahead of everyone, be a leading specialist of innovation and creativity, and should continuously improve professional knowledge and skills.

This is why, while working with partners and clients, and with its own employees, BSC applies the following principles: 


Exceed all expectations and needs of clients and partners

Provide a trustworthy and transparent working relationship

Maintain a superior, rigorous work ethic

Foster a spirit of teamwork and encourage individual creativity

Fully utilize cutting-edge information, technology and tools

Provide continuous opportunities for professional development of knowledge and skills


The company's mission, vision and values should arise from inside the company, highlighting its individualism, and should at the same time meet client expectations, as everything we do as consultants has one goal: to facilitate the client's success.