BSC Success Story

Success requires patience and determination. Starting a business and registering it is easy, but establishing a sustainable and successful company requires clever, confident and measured steps.


BSC Business Support Center one of the leading consulting companies in Armenia. BSC has been perceived as a EU-funded company. Although its foundations were laid by the EU TACIS program (Technical Assistance to the Commonwealth of Independent States) and is one of the most successful TACIS projects in the CIS countries, BSC has been a sustainable self-financing company for over 25 years.

BSC’s story dates back to the 90's. In the framework of the EU TACIS program, the German Technical Cooperation Agency - GTZ (currently GIZ) together with Triodos Facet (Dutch firm) established the SME Development Agency in Armenia, SMEDA, aimed at providing training and consulting services to Armenian SME's. Later SMEDA was renamed Armenian Foundation for Small and Medium Enterprises - AFSME.


In 1995 two of the EU TACIS projects - AFSME and Business Communication Center, BCC, united to establish a new organization, Armenian Business Support Center - ABSC, aimed at providing high-quality consulting services to SME's and their foreign partners. In 1996, financing by TACIS was to end, and it was to be determined whether to continue the operations or not and, if so, how to do it. As a result of discussions, some of the employees of the organization were united around the idea of establishing a strong, sustainable and high-quality private consulting company in Armenia.

In 1996 the BSC Business Support Center was established as a company providing management consulting, business training and advisory services. In the first years of operation, BSC was cooperating with Triodos Facet, implementing joint projects aimed at SME development in Armenia. These were also years of professional development for the company staff, and in cooperation with Triodos Facet, the staff took part in various training programs, acquiring rich knowledge to provide high quality services in the consulting market. Until 1998, BSC continued to be partially financed by TACIS. During these years the company staff was providing consulting services in both local and foreign markets.


In 1998 EU financing ended, and the majority of employees left the organization. Only some of them remained, including the current BSC director, Samvel Gevorgyan. Gevorgyan believed that the time, resources and efforts invested would be justified, and that success was still to come. He was hired in AFMSE as a junior consultant, and was also a first-year graduate student at the American University of Armenia. He was confident that he could create a company which would contribute to the development of the management consulting market in Armenia. That is why he continued his work even in unfavorable economic conditions. At that time, when there was a lack of external funding, it seemed Armenian companies did not see a need for professional consultancy to strengthen their business and overcome the economic crisis.

An important period for BSC was its participation in a competition by the USAID Academy for Educational Development, or AED, in which BSC was the winning company. In addition to services offered to the private sector, this victory gave BSC an opportunity to stand up as a sustainable company not only in Yerevan, but also in the regions of Armenia. BSC was able to play an important role in the creation of jobs, establishment of regional enterprises, and development of new income sources through the development of business plans for hundreds of SME's and through the provision of trainings on marketing, management, accounting and other topics necessary for effective business operations.


BSC was the first Armenian consulting and training company that spread its experience, skills and working style among regional business service centers in the framework of joint projects with GTZ in the Syunik and Tavush regions. Through our activities, we not only strive to recognize the importance of regional development, but also to make valuable contributions to it. During the past 22 years Gevorgyan has made business visits to 850 communities, and aims to visit the other 100 communities in the framework of projects contributing to economic activity.

Besides, BSC has always been a "forge of professionals." Over the 25 years, the company has employed 111 specialists. The majority currently work in reputable international companies and organizations both in Armenia and abroad. BSC is proud to have made its contribution to the professional development of management consultants. Until today we work with junior specialists, as we believe that we can transfer to them our rich experience and skills, and at the same time enable them to reach their potential.


We're always open to share our experience and knowledge with our partners, giving secondary importance to competition and valuing long-term cooperation. We are ready to support others in the consulting market, in addition to our partners and clients. By sharing and exchanging knowledge and experience, we contribute to the improvement of the quality of service in the market and to the development of a positive perception towards management consulting.

BSC’s success is due to the belief that hard work can help achieve success, overcome the obstacles and lead to excellence. By maintaining constant communication with the market and establishing loyal partner relationships, BSC today is a strong, sustainable and reliable company, implementing development projects with reputable international organizations, providing professional development and consultancy services to market leaders and SME's, offering solutions in the development of innovative technologies, and contributing to the development and strengthening of the business culture in the market. We believe that our rich history enables us to overcome any obstacles and to achieve unlimited success.

Geographical Coverage
In the Shirak region BSC conducted 62 projects. The most recent project was with CARE International in the Caucasus, funded by the Austrian Development Agency, where BSC worked as a consultant to develop business skills and facilitate coaching sessions for local businesses in the region.
In Lori BSC has carried out over 60 business support and community development projects. BSC’s current project there, in cooperation with Mission Armenia, is aimed at equipping handicapped people with business management and marketing skills to start their own businesses in the region.
In the Tavush region BSC has accomplished over 125 projects, the most prominent ones in the field of agriculture. At present BSC is implementing a long-term project in partnership with OXFAM, funded by the Austrian Development Agency, by establishing and strengthening agricultural cooperatives in 15 rural communities of the region.
In the Aragatsotn region BSC has intervened, by delivering various services, including business planning for local processing factories, conducting capacity building programs for rural farmers, as well as provided technical assistance in the tourism industry, etc.. In total, BSC has been involved in 22 different initiatives in the Aragatsotn Marz.
Although close to the capital, local businesses are still facing many challenges in the Kotayk region, and this is where BSC put forth its best efforts by implementing 32 projects. A current project is in partnership with Mission Armenia to support handicapped people starting their own businesses in the area.
In the Armavir region BSC has carried out 28 projects mainly in the field of agriculture, the primary sector of the local economy. One recent project was the evaluation of UMCOR’s Program on the Sustainable Cooperative Extension and Agricultural Development (SCEAD) where BSC assessed the project’s impact against the initial goals and objectives of the program.
There have been over 40 projects in the Gegharkunik region. A recent project was conducting a Rapid Rural Appraisal in Vardenis for UNDP Clima East Project, where BSC assessed 10 communities from a socio-economic development perspective, with special emphasis on the management of natural resources and mountain ecosystems under the challenges of climatic changes.
Headquartered in Yerevan, the capital of Armenia, with a concentration of resources and businesses, BSC has implemented over 340 projects in all major sectors, such as IT, banking and finance, telecommunications, and more.
BSC has been operating in the Ararat region since its early years and has implemented over 69 projects. One of the recent projects was a feasibility study and a business plan development for the establishment of a waste management plant in the city of Vedi.
In the Vayots Dzor region BSC has carried out more than 55 projects. The most recent project was in partnership with OXFAM, where BSC worked directly with women in remote communities by empowering them to be engaged in economic activities, particularly in greenhouse establishment and management.
The Syunik region is the most densely populated in the country, and where BSC has intervened significantly by implementing over 138 projects. A recent project was to design a comprehensive business plan for the establishment of a fruit and vegetable processing plant in Syunik village.
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