US Peace Corps

The Business Support Center (BSC), with years of experience in management consulting, attaches great importance to program evaluation, which reveals the positive and negative factors that have impacted the results of each implemented project. One of the most important factors is the “missed” benefit, which is often hardly noticeable during the project implementation phase.


BSC has implemented an evaluation of the US Peace Corps Volunteers Small Project Assistance (SPA) Program. BSC has evaluated 15 SPA projects, which have been implemented by Peace Corps volunteers and project partners from 2009 to 2012. In the scope of the evaluation BSC paid special attention to project sustainability and evaluated every operation and procedure concerning each project.


The evaluation was aimed at understanding the impact of the SPA programs on communities and to identify factors that contribute to the success and sustainability of the programs. In the framework of the project, BSC conducted fieldwork for 15 SPA programs, had face-to-face interviews with program stakeholders, partners, SPA Committee members and the US Peace Corps Armenia staff. Focus group discussions were conducted with project beneficiaries to make a deeper assessment and to identify many factors during the discussion. Based on the data collected and the analysis of evaluation results, three cases studies have been developed together with recommendations for further activities.


By the end of the project, in addition to the comprehensive report evaluation, results were summarized and presented in a PowerPoint presentation, followed by Q&A sessions with the BSC consultants, Peace Corps Armenia staff and SPA Committee members.