World Bank

In the public sector, BSC together with Judicial Projects Implementation Unit of the RA Ministry of Justice carried out the “Developing Sustainable Arrangements for School of Advocates Training and Pro-Bono Legal Aid Services Programs” project financed by the World Bank.


With 22 years of experience in organizing corporate and open trainings and sharing deep knowledge of market peculiarities, BSC was able to properly assess the demand for legal trainings.


The services BSC provided include conducting a Training Needs Assessment (TNA) with recommendations, the preparation of a comprehensive five-year business plan, and development of an operations manual on sustainable financing arrangements.

The study included face-to-face interviews with lawyers, advocates and professionals associated with the legal field. For a deeper assessment of the demand for legal trainings, focus group discussions were also carried out with lawyers, advocates, accountants and HR management specialists. Based on research results, recommendations and a five-year action plan were developed.


For many years BSC has implemented capacity building programs for specialists from various fields, organized trainings, forums, coaching sessions, and carried out research studies in the sphere of education. This project funded by the World Bank contributes to the professional development of specialists in the legal field in Armenia. The research study carried out by BSC gave the School of Advocates a clear assessment on the market situation, on which realistic and justified actions and decisions were developed and included in the company's five-year business plan.