BSC strives to contribute to the development of innovative technologies in Armenia by finding foreign partners and clients for local companies, as well as supporting foreign IT companies for selling their services in the Armenian market.


One recent successful project was a strategic cooperation with Volo, in which BSC was charged with finding partners for Volo in Canada, the U.S. and Europe. As a result, a long-term cooperation agreement was recently signed between Volo and a Canadian IT company. BSC's role was to search for relevant partners, present services, and, as a consulting firm, BSC was also involved in the agreement negotiations and signing phases.

BSC believes in the potential of information technologies in Armenia, as the level of professionalism is quite high and meets the requirements of foreign companies. Supporting IT firms by finding foreign partners and establishing business relations, BSC contributes to the enhancement of employment of Armenian IT firms, which results in increased profitability. Accordingly, they are able to offer better working conditions for IT specialists. This is not only a contribution to the development of the IT industry in Armenia, but also an attempt to impact the reduction of brain drain.