In the framework of USAID Competitive Armenian Private Sector - CAPS project, BSC developed a 2010-3013 strategy for Union of Information Technology Enterprises - UITE.


The primary goal of the Union of Information Technology Enterprises (UITE) is to ensure the protection of economic interests of enterprises in the information and communication sector (ICT), business promotion and advancement of research in the ICT sector. Specialized in management consulting for organizations in the IT sector, BSC sees great importance in strategic cooperation with UITE, and strives to implement joint projects aimed at the development of the IT sector. Because these goals correspond between BSC and UITE, the collaboration is highly effective. BSC became a full member of UITE in 2015, and actively participates in its events.

Development of the UITE 2010-2013 strategy was the basis for long-term strategic cooperation between the organizations. As a result, UITE’s mission and vision were developed, internal and external market factors were assessed, development opportunities were identified and a 20-year action plan was developed.


BSC believes that a company's strategic outlook is a crucial factor in business success, as it is highly important to have a clear picture of the company's development future, and the steps necessary to lead to achieving its goals.


In the process of strategy development, BSC ensures participation of the client’s staff for discussions, brainstorming meetings and team games.