Since 1994 Shant TV has been a strategic partner of BSC. During the many years of joint work, BSC has supported Shant TV in developing a business plan, conducting research, establishing long-term relationships with partners and marketing consulting.


In the early years of its establishment the company operated mainly in the Shirak region. BSC developed a five-year business plan for the opening of a Yerevan branch. BSC conducted a public opinion survey for Shant TV to discover public attitudes towards different TV channels. The research was financed by the Business Advisory Services (currently Small Business Support) project of the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). Research results helped Shant TV to improve the quality of services to meet audience expectations and to implement effective marketing activities. 

Since the company is involved in a diverse range of activities, including TV and radio broadcasting, film production, concert events and TV production, they also needed high visibility on the web. In this regard, BSC developed a set of marketing activities, including digital marketing, to ensure company visibility on the web.


BSC attaches importance to such long-term, strategic cooperation, as we believe that the establishment of trust-based partnership is one of the preconditions for efficient business activities.