Yerevan Brandy Company

In cooperation with Yerevan Brandy Company, BSC provided development trainings that meet that company’s needs and requirements. As each company has its own peculiarities and organizational culture, BSC considers these when developing training programs.

BSC shared experience and skills with the Yerevan Brandy Company staff implementing professional development and capacity building programs and trainings.


In the framework of cooperation with Yerevan Brandy Company BSC has carried out the following trainings: Effective Time Management, Presentation Skills, Motivation, Computer Skills, Basics of Labor Code for Start-Ups, Funded Pension System Issues, and Effective HR Management.

The aim of the Effective Time Management training was to provide the participants with proven techniques that would help to save employees’ time not only in the workplace, but in general. Participants of the training were employees of the Human Resources department. With the aim of improving presentation skills of the company staff, BSC conducted a two-phase training. In phase one, a pre-training evaluation was conducted among the employees to assess the extent of their PowerPoint skills. Based on this assessment, a module was designed specifically addressing employee needs. Given the fact that there were many participants, the employees were split into two groups to ensure higher effectiveness for each participant. As the result of the training, each of the participants gained skills on presenting effectively in front of an audience and put those skills into practice by making presentations for the other participants.

To increase motivation throughout the Yerevan Brandy Company staff, BSC developed a motivational training program. Participants were presented with methods for increasing staff motivation, actions for self-motivation, along with practical examples.


All BSC trainings for Yerevan Brandy Company are aimed at staff capacity development through practical skills, which results in performance improvement.