Grand Candy

The Grand Candy Company values public opinion. In cooperation with BSC, a research study was carried out in 10 regions of Armenia, aimed at assessing Armenians’ attitudes to the company, its products, brand stores and marketing activities.


The research study included face-to-face interviews with people from four different age groups. With the aim of a deeper study, five focus group discussions (with 47 participants) were carried out. Participants were consumers of Grand Candy products and represented various age groups. An interesting peculiarity of the study was working with children; one of the focus group discussions was held with children aged 4-14.

Results of the study were presented to Grand Candy in a detailed report, which included an analysis of public opinion and attitudes toward the company, brand stores and marketing activities. Comments and suggestions by those interviewed were included in the report.


Cooperation with Grand Candy is a good example of the importance of research studies. We believe that it is important to have a clear picture of a company's position in the market, and of the public’s opinion and attitudes toward the company. Studies help companies understand whether they are on the right track and serve as a basis for decision-making.