BSC provided consulting services to Makur Erkir LLC, aimed at improving business effectiveness (a project funded by EBRD BAS - Business Advisory Services, currently EBRD SBS - Small Business Support). In the scope of the project, BSC carried out five-year economic and financial forecasts for the company’s expansion plans.


The project required understanding the demand for the establishment of a waste management plant, understanding the investment needs for project implementation, identifying different sources for the acquisition of the necessary funding for the realization of the project, understanding the financial indicators of the project, attracting necessary funds and starting waste management plant construction.

Thorough market research was conducted to study specific market opportunities, constraints and the competitive environment. A feasibility study was also carried out. On the basis of these findings, a comprehensive marketing strategy was developed to overcome constraints in the market and to take advantage of existing opportunities. A detailed annual action plan was also designed to guide company management with specific activities to be undertaken. Project implementation required external funding, and BSC prepared a financial plan for the company, along with an investment plan.


BSC provides management consulting services on waste management in the spheres of solar energy, wind energy and hydro energy, thus striving to develop resource-saving activities and behavior in Armenia.