Strengthening the Livelihood and Voices of Poor and Vulnerable People in Armenia

Due to the “Strengthening the Livelihood and Voices of Poor and Vulnerable People in Armenia” project we had the opportunity to have our investment to the realization of the business ideas of people with disabilities.


Thanks to the project implemented in cooperation with Mission Armenia, BSC worked with strong people with great willpower that although being disabled, have demonstrated such capabilities and determination that deserves not only respect but serves as a source of motivation for every company or individual.

The “Business Management Skills” training and consulting sessions conducted by BSC benefited over 200 beneficiaries from different regions of Armenia who got basic skills on business administration and learned how to develop practical and efficient business plans.


Upon completing the course the beneficiaries had the opportunity to present their own business plans and to receive grants for starting their businesses funded by “Strengthening the Livelihoods and Voice of the Poor and Vulnerable Persons in Armenia” project.

The project has given us a unique chance to work with vulnerable people, to know them personally, to provide professional and emotional support and to make sure on their example that the pledge of the entrepreneurship development in Armenia is the presence of innovative ideas, continuous professional development and the big desire and willpower.


Due to these projects not only new jobs are created but also the emigration is being decreased because our compatriots who were settled abroad return Armenia to help their family members.


The project is financed by the Japan Social Development Fund (JSDF) and is implemented with the support of the World Bank and the Armenian Government