Scoring System Demonstration

As a consulting company supporting the development of the IT sector in Armenia, BSC attaches great importance to the application of information technologies in economic development.

As part of the cooperation between BSC and Scorto (an international company specializing in scoring systems), a presentation about scoring systems was organized and presented on June 2, 2015. Over 60 participants from banks, microcredit, insurance companies and other financial organizations attended and participated. The presentation was attended by a Scorto representative from Moscow, who came to present the role and importance of scoring systems. He introduced scoring programs developed by his company and held private meetings with some of the participants.

According to BSC director Samvel Grigoryan, one of the most important factors for financial companies is to operate effectively in a competitive environment. Scoring systems are widely applied in international organizations. They facilitate fast and accurate decision-making, the ability to avoid risks, weight of overdue liabilities and the possibility of fraud, thus providing increase in profitability for banks, microcredit, insurance organizations and others.


For 10 years Scorto has been developing and implementing decision-making and scoring systems for world-known companies such as Credit Agricole Bank of America, Citibank, Reuters Financial Software, Mercedes-Benz Bank, and others.