One More Start-Up Business Support Project Implemented by BSC

In the scope of the “Support for Start-Up Entrepreneurs: Business Management and Business Plan Development Skills” project financed by Jinishyan Memorial Foundation (JMF) and World Vision Armenia (WVA), International Relief and Development Organization, BSC Business Support Center in collaboration with Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) have conducted one month training session on business management, business planning and entrepreneurship development. Upon completing the one-month training sessions, BSC’s and CEED’s experts delivered individual consulting sessions and follow-up activities to these participating young entrepreneurs who were from the communities in Gegharkunik region (Gavar, Sevan, Chambarak and Vardenis) which served to the purpose to guide them through the business plan development process.

The overall objective of the project was to support the young people in Gavar, Sevan, Chambarak and Vardenis communities to mature in their entrepreneurship skills and to create new job opportunities.


The finalized business plans were later introduced to the representatives of JMF and to the Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD) Foundation for evaluations. Those participants who presented the most feasible and innovative ideas were provided with loans by CARD Foundation.

The project has given the opportunity for these young people in the Gegharkunik region to realize their innovative ideas which will contribute to the economic development in their communities and will create new workplaces.


The success of such projects is conditioned with the strategy driven by the resolution of realistic problems as well as by the effective collaboration of a number of organizations: Jinishyan Memorial Foundation (JMF), World Vision Armenia (WVA), BSC Business Support Center, Center for Entrepreneurship and Executive Development (CEED) and Center for Agribusiness and Rural Development (CARD).