BSC Business Support Center has started a totally new project. “FIND” project will help to find the business area, which is based on individual’s strong sides, talents, privileges, knowledge and uniqueness.



FIND… People decide what business to start depending on their opportunities, desires, first sight seemed good ideas and the ambition to earn money. The business, which is based on individual’s strong sides and knowledge, will certainly have success.


“FIND…” is the investment of talent in the business. This motivational project, consisted of ten “FIND”s, will give you the opportunity to find the exact sphere and type of business, which is the best suited to Your character.



So, the 10 “FIND…”s:

1. “FIND” Yourself

2. “FIND” Your Business Idea

3. “FIND” Your Business Status

4. “FIND” Your Client

5. “FIND” Your Negotiation Style

6. “FIND” Your Marketing Plan

7. “FIND” Your Sales Tools

8. “FIND” Your Management Approach

9. “FIND” Your Staff

10. “FIND” Your Investor

From 1 to 2 meetings each month



During the project participants can:

Reveal themselves as individuals, discover their hidden potential, learn to think out of box, solve occurred problems, see opportunities and use them correctly, to be more self-organised and disciplined, to be creative and the source of innovation.


The project will lead Samvel Gevorgyan, the founder and director of BSC Business Support Center, co-founder of several businesses, the author of “Your own business in Armenia” book.

During different “FIND” meetings experts and successful entrepreneurs will be invited to convey their knowledge and experience, also, to give valuable advices to participants.  


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