Business Start in Armenia - Big Conference

On October 13, "Business Start - Big Conference in 3 of 1" was held in Armenia.

1. At the conference, the founders of companies with extensive business experience presented their principles on how to establish an effective business.

2. There was an expo. Solutions were presented to assist start-up businesses in automation, finance, marketing, digital marketing, furnishing and other areas.

3. Job Fair: Various participants presented their CVs, which will later be transmitted to the conference participants who they need.


The conference gave a great opportunity.

FREE to hear the speeches of well-known and successful entrepreneurs,
to get closer to the inner culture of different companies,
to learn about vacancies, to find a job.
get acquainted and communicate with people who have similar interests.


Samvel Gevorgyan, "BSC Business Support Center" director, made a speech at the conference, which introduced five spheres, which are worth the start of business in Armenia.