Business Development Platform #GORTSARAR

BSC Business Support Center is one of the organizers of Business Development Platform #Gortsarar



What is #Gortsarar Business Development Platform? It is a platform to unite and develop Armenian business environment, which involves all the needed tendencies and tools. It is intended for present and future businessmen. The professionals of the platform are ready to stimulate the development of business in Armenia by sharing their experience, knowledge and advisory.


What platforms is consisted #Gortsarar Business Development Platform:

1. Discussions
The platform of discussions gives an opportunity to get acquainted with the business development and tendencies in Armenia, also the existing problems and its solutions. Investment in business is a very important factor. The speakers will tell about the role and importance of investments in Armenian business market.


2. Business skills
Accomplished representatives of different business fields, such as beginner, also already well known in the market will share their skills how to reach success by overcoming obstacles, to find solutions and develop.


3. Mentorship
During the event the mentors will choose several beginner acting businesses whom they will provide practical knowledge for business developing.


4. Business masters
Business masters will answer all the questions concerning to different business fields, will give solutions exactly for the problems of your field.


On June 21 , at Elite Plaza Business Center will take place first event of the platform, you can find agenda by following the link ...