Established in Ashtarak city, company “AgroLog" CJSC company has been operating in the Armenian market for 8 years and is engaged in cold storing and processing of agro food, in particular, in production of dried fruits. The company acquires raw materials for the production of dried fruits from different regions of Armenia.


With support of consultancy services of BSC Business Support Center “AgroLog” was awarded a grant by the “Organic Agriculture Support Initiative” (OASI). The project is financed by the European Union and the “Austrian Development Agency”. It aims to support farmers, promoting the development of agribusiness and agriculture in Armenia.

Organic food producers and processors will be provided with financial and technical support which will contribute to the development of the sector in Armenia. Within the frameworks of the project reforms of agricultural legislation will be implemented, public awareness in this sector will increase and new export opportunities for organic products will be identified.


Armenia has a great potential for the development of organic agriculture and farmers will be able to invest in organic agriculture and develop this sector through the grants of the project. As a result organic product will take its unique place in the Armenian market and companies will be able to increase the production volumes due to exports.


“AgroLog” produces about 5 tons of dried fruits annually and exports to Russia, Kazakhstan and Georgia. This year, small amounts have also been sent to Jordan and France as trial batches. Thus, through the project the company receives an opportunity to enter new markets enhancing the quality of the production and increasing the volumes. “AgroLog” will establish an Educational and Production Centre of Organic Food in Ashtarak with financial support of OASI project, thus facilitating the production of organic products and creating new workplaces in Ashtarak city.


During the 22 years of its history BSC has implemented numerous projects aimed at the development of agriculture, and today the company continues to share its experience and knowledge, thus supporting the development of agriculture in Armenia. BSC developed a proposal for “AgroLog” in full accordance to the requirements of OASI project, which included also the budget and the logical framework. Then a business plan was developed with forecasts for the next three years, for which studies of agricultural sector, regional market research, marketing plan and financial forecasts were prepared.


Nowadays organic agriculture is developing throughout whole world, and Armenia can become one of the leaders in this field. Taking into account this potential, BSC tends to be part of all these developments, providing consultancy services and professional knowledge of business development in the field.