Management Consulting

To be able to survive and ensure a sustainable position in the rapidly changing and highly competitive market, companies should continuously improve their performance, enhance resource utilization efficiency, match supply with the drastic changes in consumer demand, and expand their activities to overseas markets to ensure higher revenues.


To achieve these goals companies often need external support from consultants specialized in business management. In a short period of time consultants can offer solutions that meet the company's and its clients' needs, and provide support in the process of business management.

Operating in Armenia and in foreign markets (Georgia, Belarus, Russia, Ukraine, the Netherlands, Canada) for 25 years, BSC has been providing management consulting services to public and private organizations, international development agencies, NGOs, entrepreneurs and start-ups, operating in the fields of manufacturing, agriculture and processing, services, finances, etc. Some examples include the following: in cooperation with Ashtarak Kat, a leader in the dairy market in Armenia, BSC provided consulting services and carried out a feasibility study on production improvement. Cooperating with Pepsi-Cola Bottler Jermuk International, BSC carried out market research and provided consulting on marketing strategy and business plan development. BSC supported the Shant TV Company to improve their marketing strategy and company image, as well as provided digital marketing services. 


BSC also provides management consulting in the scope of development projects in cooperation with reputable international development agencies, NGOs and foundations, such as USAID, World Bank, Oxfam Armenia, World Vision Armenia, IDeA Foundation and the like.

In the framework of the Tatev Revival Project by IDeA Foundation, BSC has been providing the following services: research studies in the Tatev region, identification of guesthouses and other stakeholders, legal registration of guesthouses, development of business plans, coaching on marketing, website development and other services. By participating in this project, BSC has made contributions in the creation of new jobs in the regions, development of entrepreneurship and improvement of the quality of life for the local population.


BSC recently carried out another management consulting project, in cooperation with the World Bank: a training needs assessment for the School of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia, with the development of a business plan and an operational manual as key deliverables.

BSC offers companies innovative business solutions through management consulting, contributing to efficiency enhancement of entrepreneurial activity, improvement of entrepreneurs' management skills, increase in companies' profitability, and development of various sectors of the economy.


BSC strives to find individual business solutions for each company, which not only contribute to performance improvement, but also fully correspond to the company's strategies, principles and values.