Development Projects

Each company’s activity influences not only its own results but also the economy of the country in which it operates. The economic activity of Armenia is focused in Yerevan, which hinders equal development in the various outer regions of the country. We believe that that the cornerstone of economic and social stability is the natural development of the economy together with the establishment of a dynamic business environment. That is the reason that BSC has been implementing development projects for various sectors of the economy and different communities of Armenia and the Caucasus region for over 25 years. In the scope of these projects, BSC has been working on developing the capacity of community members, transferring new experience and knowledge, as well as identifying and using new market opportunities. The main emphasis is on building the capacity of local communities, the private sector, non-governmental organizations and the local government, and the establishment of mutually beneficial cooperation between these bodies. About 75 % of BSC’s projects are carried out in the regions (or marzes), with the aim to improve quality of life for the communities and to ensure development of the whole country’s economy.

One of the most significant projects implemented by BSC is the “Cooperatives Members’ Management and Business Skills Improvement” project, carried out in cooperation with UMCOR, the United Methodist Committee on Relief, in the Ararat, Armavir and Vayots Dzor regions. In addition, BSC put special focus on the improvement of women's entrepreneurial skills and to creating new opportunities. In cooperation with UMCOR, another project “Cooperatives and Women-Members Capacity Development Program" has been implemented, aimed at developing women’s skills.


Collaborating with various development agencies and applying the experience of the past 25 years as leading management consultants, BSC contributes to the creation of new jobs both in Armenia and in the Caucasus. In the framework of the projects implemented by BSC, more than 100 jobs have been created, resulting not only in the improvement of the quality of life, but also in the creation of equal conditions for development in the various regions and communities throughout the countries. With the help of these development projects, BSC has contributed to the development of entrepreneurship and the establishment of a healthy competitive environment, as well as the promotion of economic activity and the creation of new development opportunities for communities.

To support small-scale female farmers and improving their position in the agriculture value chain in the Vayots Dzor Region of Armenia, BSC has implemented the “Women’s Economic Empowerment” program in collaboration with Oxfam Armenia. In the framework of the program, women farmers of cooperatives took part in capacity building sessions, acquired new knowledge and skills, got support on cooperative and supply chain management, promotion and marketing.


Another significant project in the cooperation of BSC and Oxfam Armenia is the "Improving Small Holder Farming through Agricultural Cooperatives and Value Chain Development’’ project in the Tavush region of Armenia, in which small farmers of 15 rural communities had the opportunity to get support in the following: the creation of cooperatives; counseling on credit conditions and marketing; and provision of agricultural infrastructure (community greenhouses, food processing plants, refrigeration equipment).


These programs allowed community representatives to realize their potential, by providing economic opportunities, creating new jobs and furthering the development of their communities.


These projects are effective and valuable, if through financial and advisory support, they can create self-financing activities that provide sustainable income and employment.